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Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails

With nail salons opening on the 12th of April, we know that you are all dying to get back into the salon getting your nails back on after months of not being able to. We know that gel nails and acrylic nails will be the most popular choices, but those getting their nails done for the first time might not actually know the difference between the two.

So, we have come together to talk about what the differences are and help you make your decision for when you come back into the salon with us.


Acrylic Nails 

These nails are made with a powder that is dipped in a solvent, this is done to lengthen the nail thus providing a stronger top layer over your natural nails.

To do this your nail technician will file down your natural nail to create a rough surface to then place the glue onto. Once this is done, the acrylic powder and liquid are combined to create a mixture to make a mould to glue on your nails.

This artificial mould is then shaped and buffed to make your nails look longer and then can be shaped to the length that is right for you.

A difference with acrylic nails is that they cure when coming into contact with the air, which explains why they have to be applied quickly compared to gel nails that are cured under a UV light.


Gel Nails

When it comes to gel nails, there are two different types: hard gels and soft gels and gel polishes.

Hard gel nails are used to extend the length of nails or to keep their long, natural nails. They can’t be soaked off and are cured to a non-porous finish. When getting these nails, a bonder has to be put down and a base coat is applied before the hard gel. A builder will then get added that builds the artificial nail and lastly a clear top coat for that glossy finishing touch.

However, soft gels and polishes have a liquid consistency, and are perfect if you are just wanting to add strength to your weaker nails. At the moment these are really popular at the moment and there are even products that include a base, colour and topcoat in one – but we personally wouldn’t recommend using these as they can be difficult to soak off.


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